Western New York Woodturners I

Newsletter- Minutes  - Oct. 6, 2005

Members Present  -


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room 120

1050 Maryvale Dr., Cheektowaga, N.Y. 14225

Treasure’s Report:   

Business Items:    The Erie County Fair Turning and Sale for Make-a-Wish was a great success. Jim Vasi and Kurt Hertzog delivered a king sized check for $6,333 to Make-a-Wish Foundation from club sales at the Erie County Fair.  Kurt set up his camera and recorded the presentation on film, and Jim wrote up a press release with information about the club to accompany the photo. Kurt made a CD of everything and Jim will take it to the local papers.  Hopefully we will get some publicity.  Al Schultz will store the 3’ check with the rest of the Fair items and have it for display next August. The club thanks Kurt for all his efforts including driving from Rochester just for the presentation.

-After a motion and discussion, it was agreed to pass on having Bob Rosand due a demo at our November meeting. However everyone is encouraged to sign up for the Rosand workshop at Barb’s Barn as he is a masterful teacher a great guy.  No one will be disappointed when they come experience Bob’s workshop.

-Bob Ball, rich Mialki, Bill Perry and Jim Vasi will demo woodturning at the Amherst Museum oon Saturday, Oct 8, 2005. Thanks to Woodcarvers for the invitation to join them at the show.  Thanks to Steve Imerese for arranging transportation of the club lathe’s.

-The annual auction netted $275 for the club treasury.  Thanks to all who brought and bought items.  Special thanks to Bill Perry who donated some beautiful bowl blanks that sold for a total of almost $100.

Comments from the President:  With four woodturning clubs in the area, and many people with multiple memberships; time, talents and materials are being spread across a wider spectrum of participation.  This is a great benefit for woodturning in the WNY area.  It does occur however, at the expense of our Club.  The realization that our Club was instrumental in spawning this level of activity in WNY is very gratifying to me!!  Although I take very little credit for it.  It’s the “Founding Fathers” and Mothers (Barbara, you know who) who deserve the recognition.  My intent here is to encourage those of you who are newer members, and some of you who aren’t particularly involved, to “jump in, the water’s fine!”.  You won’t regret it.


Coming Events:


Bob Rosand at Barb's Barn Bob Rosand will hold two days of hands-on workshops at Barb's Barn on Friday, November 4th and Saturday, November 5th. The content of both days will be identical and will focus on Christmas ornaments and other Christmas gift turnings. The fee for the day is $40. and will include materials. Class size is limited so contact Barb at gramabbb@aol.com to enroll of for more details. Either session is open to the area turners.


Next Meeting:               Thursday  November 3rd, 2005,

The presentation will be made by Marwin Feldman. Marwin will demo his techniques for ringholders. Don't forget to finish up and bring in the toys for the Aspire Christmas Toy effort.