Western New York Woodturners I

Newsletter- Minutes  - Oct 7, 2004

Members Present  -  36


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room 120

1050 Maryvale Dr., Cheektowaga, N.Y. 14225

Treasure’s Report: Summary of Sept, and October thru Oct 7, 2004 by John Paulin

Income:            Wood auction                                $61.00           Previous Balance                 $1,660.91

                        Sale of old lathes                         $200.00

                        Sale of items @ Erie Cnty Fair  $5,150.00           Balance with income            $7,071.91

Expenses:         New Lathe                                 $303.09          

                        Donation to Make-a-Wish         $5,150.00

                        Checks                                         $16.85           New Balance                       $1,601.97

Over the past 8  to 10 years, the club has donated $30,768 to charities.

Business Items:  Jim Vasi opened meeting with sad news that Lyle Foell fell at home two weeks ago and could use some calls, notes or visits from those who know him. Also Mary Robbins  is still in ECMC recovering from her tractor roll over accident of June 4th, 2004. If you know Mary, call, send a note, or visit her.

Jim Hilburger shared stories about the volunteers and purchaser’s at the Erie County Fair. Bob Ball thanked the wives of members who worked the sales tables at the Fair. Jim Vasi thanked all who worked at the fair and the club especially thanked Jim Hilburger for his donation of materials and time that allowed us to reach the $5,000 goal.

Jim Vasi stated Maryvale School Open House will be December 2, 2004 and therefore our regular meeting will have to be Wednesday, December 1st, 2004.  Please mark your calendars.  Jim also noted there will be an election of new officers in “January”. We have needs for new officers. Let Jim know where you could help.

Barb Berger noted Jim Hilburger was recognized for his woodturning work by The American Association of Woodturners. Ray Bissonette wrote to the AAW regarding Jim and his article was printed by AAW. Bob and Susan Rosand took the published article and framed it for presentation to Jim. You do a great job, Jim!!! 

Jim Shimwell noted we will distribute toys to the “Aspire” group on December 14th, 2004.  Please make toys as soon as possible. Bring them to either the November or December meetings. Jim has toy plans, if you need them. If you need wood, Bev, at Akron Rule will provide free.  Call Harry Vogel at 684-5464 for details.

Bob Ball is having foot surgery in October and the club is looking for a volunteer to take over the library of tapes for the two or three months he will not be able to do this job.

Show & Tell:  Bob Perry – exotic wood bowls, Steve Imerese – artistic wood bowl, Jim Vasi – Walnut lidded box, Rich Crino – Large walnut bowl, Debbie Hachey – small bowl, Jim Hilburger – pepper mills, Don Hoffmann – money clips, Marwin Feldman – carved vase, Kurt Hertzog – miniature earings, Christmas ornaments, Thanks!

Demo:  Kurt Hertzog shared his knowledge of using the skew chisel. He covered the parts, types, where you use what type, correct angles for sharpening and cutting, safe spots, uses on end grain, and size does matter. He demonstrated roughing, planning, facing, peeling, detailing, scraping, “V” cuts, beads, and shallow coves. Thanks for a great job, Kurt.

Coming Events: Sunday, November 21st, will be a all day sharpening class at Barb’s Barn. Call Barb at (716) 652-4156 or gramabbb@aol.com to reserve a space.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, November 4th, 2004, 7:30 pm

Annual Fundraising Auction of member’s items they no longer need.

All to benefit the club.