Text Box:    WNY Woodturners
   Newsletter   minutes – Oct 2, 2003,  attendees – 43
       Maryvale HS Woodshop Room #120:  1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, NY

Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance                      812.33

Income, Erie County Fair      5,367.00

   Lathe Duplicator                    115.00


 Make-a-wish foundation     5,267.00

 Hardware for Make-a-wish     100.00

 Postage/video                            40.94

New Balance                              886.39

Thank You  -  John Paulin


Jim Vasi shared the sad news that two members passed away this past month. Roy Miller & Don Brennan. It was agreed to buy two more book/videos for the library’s in their memory. One for the Cheektowaga library, and one for the Williamsville library. Jim also reported that the rental of the meeting area at the school has risen to $28.00 per month.

Jim Shimwell reminded all toy makers, that Christmas is getting close so we to get those tools running now and make toys for the UCP kids. Jim also stated the new name for USCP is now ASP-RE.

Bob Ball requested all to turn in the VCR tapes that you have from the clubs library. He is in the process of revamping the system to better serve all. Thanks for your co-operation.

Milt Ehrenberg requested some help in finding speakers or demonstrators for future meetings. Please call him at (716) 837-7989.

Upcoming Barb’s Barn Sessions: November 8th, Saturday – Tool sharpening all day, grinding wheel selection, grinding wheel handling/balancing/truing/dressing, tool angles, shaping, sharpening, jigs and fixtures, tool steels and more. Once you have shaped your tools to the proper angles and they are sharp, you will practice the proper cutting techniques there, that afternoon.

November 9th, Sunday – The skew chisel all day. Bring your flat skews, oval skews, round skews, big skews, small skews, or anyone that can be construed as a skew. There will be lecture and demonstration time and most of all, practice time. You can learn how to use each of the different styles of skews and how to do it as “catch free” as possible.

Space is limited. The sessions are open to Turners 1&2 on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Barb Berger at 652-4156 to set aside your space.

Membership corrections:

Dick Radel moved, his new address is 23 Carriage Circle, Williamsville, NY 14221, phone (716) 639-0620, please update your list. Call Dick with your changes.

Have you surfed our website?  Its great ! ! ! If you don’t have a computer, go to your local library, talk to the people there, and they will help you look at our website on their computers. Try it.


Do you need a used tool? Do you want to sell a used tool? Do you need to buy or sell turning materials? Visit our website and click on “Classified” For those members who don’t have or don’t use a computer, see page two of this newsletter.

Show & Tell

Don’t forget to bring the items that you think are great and the items that caused you problems. We are interested in how you solved the problem, or maybe someone of the members can offer a different way to get you out of the “problem” in the future.


This meeting was the annual auction. What fireworks? Yes after a slow start to the auction, the Fire Alarm went off at the school and everyone had to stand outside for about 20 minutes. WOW what fun! Oh well, all turned out great, the club treasury is $345 richer because some sold stuff, some bought stuff and all the cash went to the treasury. Thanks to all.

Next Meeting

Thursday 7:30 PM

November 6th,  2003.

“Eric Scott”  Eric will be demonstrating carving on turned bowls.