Text Box:    WNY Woodturners
   Newsletter   minutes – September 5, 2002,  attendees - 54 
       Maryvale HS Woodshop Room #120:  1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, NY
Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance             904.24

Income, WT2 web dues    120.00


 School rent                     300.00

 Lathe tools                       31.30

New Balance                  692.94

Checking Acc’t                679.24

Cash                                 13.70


Jim Vasi expressed a concern for  Elmer Baumer. Elmer is currently in Millard Filmore Gates as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage and now has pneumonia. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

Dave Ellsworth is presenting a workshop at Pembroke High School, routes 77 & 5, Corfu, September 22nd, 2002, 9 am to 4 pm, contact Jim Meier (585-343-8752) for tickets. $20.00 each.

Lyle Foell thanks all workers and those who made items for the Erie County Fair. He shared that the club collected the largest amount ever and will donate $3,812.00 to Make-a-Wish Foundation. There were two tools left at the fair by some workers, see Lyle or Jim to retrieve your tools. Jim also requests those who still have shoe horn materials to return them to him. THE CLUB SAID, THANKS AGAIN FOR THE GREAT JOB “LYLE”.

Kurt Hertzog stated there were over 2,500 visitors to the web site in August. Please send him photos of newsworthy items so he can continue to make our website interesting. His e-mail address is webmaster@wnywoodturners.com  .


Show & Tell

Lyle Foell – miniature bells, tops, bowls, challis all from Purple beech branch from Maryland

Jim Shimwell – toy box wagon, crayon truck, request members make toys for X-mas. He has planner & drill press for sale.

Bob Ball   half done pepper mill for our how to make info.

Ken Miller – checkerboard lidded box

Jim Hilburger - snowmen

Kurt Hertzog – Glossy lidded box, bowl’s.


Jed Donahue & Jim Hilburger showed attendees how to make thin wall vases using the Hilburger deep hollowing system. With the right parts, a laser beam to show you where the cutter is cutting on the inside, it’s easy. Great demo!!! Thanks Jed, you know how.

Business Meeting

Newsletter is now available on the website. The following  members will get notification that the newsletter is on the web via e-mail.

Bill Allan, Bob Ball, Elmer Baumer, Barb Berger, Clair Bluhm, Ted Borkowski, Don Brennan, Sam Crino, Milt Ehrenberg, Marwin Feldman, Art Griebner, Mike & Debbie Hachey, Kurt Hertzog, Jim Hilburger, Steve Imerese, Ron Karaszewski, Ben Klinger, Norm Kosmerl, Muriel Kummer, John Lunney, John McGovern, Jim Meier, Norm Merz, Rob Meyer, Ken Miller, Roy Miller, Bob Moscato, John Paulin, Bill Perry, Carm Queeno, Dick Radel, Eugen Schiaak, Eric Schwarz, Larry Sformo, Jim Shimwell, Jim Vasi, Richard Walcszk, Frank Wroblewski.

If you do not want a hard copy mailed to you and want e-mail notification regarding the newsletter, PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO webmaster@wnywoodturners.com

Next Meeting


Thursday 7:30 PM October 3rd, 2002. Next 11 meetings will be first Thursday of every month.

October meeting bring tools, wood, etc that you want to auction off with proceeds to go to the club treasury.