Western New York Woodturners I

Newsletter- Minutes – Aug 2, 2007

Members Present  - 40


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room 120

1050 Maryvale Dr., Cheektowaga, N.Y. 14225

Treasure’s Report:  by John Paulin

                                                                                                Previous Balance                 $1,985.76

Income:            50/50                                               $21.00

Hat Sales & misc                                                     $80.00


Pop                                                                         $26.00

Dues refund                                                             $20.00

Lights for fair                                                           $30.00        New Balance                       $2,010.76

Business Items:   

Steve Imerese introduced Milt Ehrenberg who stated he has 4 membership photos left and will sell them for $9.00 each.  Rich Mialki  won the 50/50 drawing. His share was $23. Jim Vasi presented the framed large print membership photo to the club and Rich Mialki  will take it to be displayed at the Fair. Thanks Jim.

Steve Imerese introduced new member David Day. David lives at 468 Ashland Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222. His phone is 884-6577 and his e-mail is twoday@verizon.net.

 Steve Imerese asked for a show of hands of those who would show their work at the “Audubon Library Display”. Ten (10) members said they would.  Thank You guys and girls.

Peper Weinheimer’s relation had 60% of his liver removed and all the cancer is out.


 Show & Tell:  Thanks for sharing to, Rich Mialki – screw eye installer, Rich CrinoT light holders, Muriel Kummer – tooth pick holders with magnets, Harry Potter wands,  Jake Debski – dowels,, handles, Harry Potter wands,  Jim Vasidoor stops and bowls  Jim Rupracht – circular bowl, picture frame, Norm Kosmerl – cheese boards, Keith Burtis – bottle stoppers, Jim Schnellinger – seam rippers,, Don Hoffman – segmented bowl, pen & pencil case, Paul Mazuchowski – flower &  weed pots, Jim Hilburger – door stops, John Hendrich – deer miniatures, Chris Kibby – magic wands  

 Demo:  Jim Hilburger  gave a very detailed visual presentation of  what he does at the Erie County Fair Woodturners Booth. Thanks Jim.


LATE BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! As of August 26th, 2007

We needed your help for the Erie County Fair and we got it.  THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE ITEMS AND ALL WHO WERE THERE.  THANKS!!!!!  This year we broke the record again. Through the efforts of the four (4) clubs, Turners 1, Turners 2, Pembroke and Lockport we sold the items that were donated and collected $10,855 for “Make-A-Wish” Everyone should be proud of the effort we “Woodturner’s” made. A special thanks go to Jim Hilburger, Rich Mialki, Bob Ball and Gary Jones for their expertise. The lights helped, covering the area with canvas and tarps saved time and the sharing of ideas to price & sell was absolutely great.  Again “THANKS TO ALL”


Next Meeting:             Thursday September 6th, 2007

                               Demo by Jim Vasi, making open segmented bowls.

Respectfully,  Dick Radel