Text Box:    WNY Woodturners
   Newsletter       minutes – June 27, 2002,  attendees - 37 
       Maryvale HS Woodshop Room #120:  1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, NY
Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance           1,204.59

Income                              00.00


     Reg & Net cost          240.35

     Dinner for Ted              40.00

New Balance                  924.24

Checking Acc’t                890.54

Cash                                 33.70


Jim Vasi stated that the lathe’s at Barb’s barn are missing some pieces. He has ordered new ones at a cost of about $50.

Jim Vasi & Frank Stanko collected samples of member’s past work to be displayed at the Clarence Library for the month of July. Thank’s to all who bought items.

Dave Ellsworth is presenting a workshop at Pembroke High School, routes 77 & 5, Corfu, September 22nd, 2002, 9 am to 4 pm, contact Jim Meier (585-343-8752) for tickets. $20.00 each.

Lyle Foell presented the sign up sheet for the Erie County Fair demo, members should sign up for portions of the day from Thursday August 8th, thru Sunday August 18th. Call Lyle at 674-2736 if you did not sign up yet. He also requested members make items that could sell for five dollars or less at the fair. As in the past the money will go to charity in the name of the club. Don’t forget you receive a free gate pass.

George Skinner turned 80 and has offered free motors to club members for their use. Talk to him (652-6605) if you have a need.

Show & Tell

Tom Hurley – walnut bowl

Jim Vasi – bowl & goblet, notes he uses Danish oil & polyurethane 50-50 to finish most turnings.

Omar Roszel   walnut & cherry lamp base, goblet, dish set, church, & salad bowl. 

Tony – Walnut bud vase, curley maple small & large bowls.

Bill Perry– branch vase

Steve Imerese – related how easy it is to get too familiar with your lathe. He was working as normal and suddenly the chuck came flying off, gave him two black eyes and it took 7 stitches to close cuts. Asks all, to not let your guard down. Be careful.


Bob Ball showed attendees how to make weed pot’s and bud vase’s. After making a few some members worked at the lathe under Bob’s guidance and made a few vase’s for the Erie County Fair sale. THANK YOU Bob!

Business Meeting

Carm Queeno again asks for lap easels to be made for UCPA, see page 2 of the June 6, 2002 minutes. To date he only has one, thanks to Omer Roszel. He also needs building blocks & toys for the UPCA. Christmas is coming.

Lyle Foell thanks those who have donated work for sale at the Erie County Fair. Again requests more from members. Those who took shoe horns to have handles made, are requested to bring back at the August 1st, meeting.

Thank You to John Paulin for treasure’s report and good job he always has done.

Next Meeting


Thursday 7:30 PM August 1st, 2002

Don’t forget to sign up for the Erie County Fair.