Western New York Woodturners Club 1

Newsletter & Minutes of June 02, 2011 Meeting


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room #120

1050 Maryvale Drive

Cheektowaga, New York 14225


31 Members present.

The meeting was called to order at 1900 hours by  S.A. Imerese - President.


Treasurer’s Report by: Norm Kosmerl:

May 2011                                                                          


Available balance May 01, 2011                                          $3,390. 69             

Expenses              Postage/Stationary                                         (44.12)

                                 Supplies/Materials                                    (194.20)                                 


Receipts                Split Club                                                         29.00

                                 Cash on hand                                                38.00

                                Sale of Hats                                                                                                           36.00

                                Membership Dues                                                  20.00


Balance as of 06/01/11                                                                $3,319.49


Business Items:

Jim Rupracht has tickets available for the Binh Poh decorated lathe.  They are $10.00 each and are available from him.       


Larry Scaglione volunteered to provide the lodging for Glenn Lucas when he is here to give us his demonstration in March.   More will follow on this.


Brian Effinger advised that Dick Sing has been contacted to provide a demo on Sunday September 11, 2011 at the Pembrooke High School.  There will also be a hands on demo available for about $90.00 per person at the Erie Turning Club on September 8th and/or 9th.    More information will be available after the plans are finalized.  


Jim Cunning is looking for some input and ideas on what we would like to see along the line of demonstrations.  If anyone has specific ideas please send them to me in an e-mail and I will pass them on to the VP’s committee.


Richard Mialki has made a new sign up sheet for the Fair.  Please take a minute to look it over and give us some help this year.  It should be available on our website soon, and will be updated weekly.  Thank you.      


The 50/50 Club paid $18.00 and was awarded to Laura Schirle.   


 Show and Tell participants included:

Jim Schnellinger, Richard Mialki, Frank Stanko, Bill Perry, Larry Scaglione, Frank Becker, Don Hoffman, and Brianne Corbett, Great looking items.  Thank you all for your participation.        


Club Demonstration:    

Our demo was done by Richard Mialki with help from Paul Wilhelm.  Jacobs ladder toys for the fair.  They did a great job.     


We are always looking for members to do demonstrations.  If you would like to do one for us please contact one of the Vice President’s committee members.  Jim Cunning, Paul Wilhelm, or Brian Young.


Next Meeting:    

Our next meeting will be at the Maryvale High School Shop on Thursday July 07, 2011 at 1900 hours (7:00 pm.)  Please remember the new time and parking restriction!  Thank you.


Jim Rupracht will do our next demo.   


The meeting was concluded at 2105 hours. 


Please notify me of any changes in address or phone numbers at the e-mail shown below.  



Respectfully submitted,


J. A. Mussari – jmussari01@yahoo.com