Text Box:    WNY Woodturners
   Newsletter   minutes – June 5, 2003,  attendees – 47
       Maryvale HS Woodshop Room #120:  1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, NY

Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance                   1,632.64

Income, Picnic                             50.00

   Hat Sales (1)                               8.50

   Wood sale                                70.00

Expenses, video                          30.00

   Picnic park rental                   300.00

   Web site hosting                     65.85

New Balance                              865.29

Thank You  -  John Paulin


Jim Vasi stated Elmer Baumer had passed away. After discussion it was agreed a woodturner tape & book would be donated to the Clarence Library in Elmer’s name. Some of Elmer’s tools will be on e-bay. Lance Kanaby is selling some of Elmer’s vacuum pumps for $35. Call 634-9400.

Jim Vasi awarded the Jim Hilburger Award for 2003 to John Paulin for all his hard work thru the years for the club.

Jim Vasi also thanked Carm Queeno for the new name tags he had made.

Milt Ehrenberg reported plans for the July 2nd, picnic are going well. The menu is corn on the cob, potato salad, hot dogs, hamburgers & sausage. Please bring your own wine or beer. Its at the Noco pavilion, 4pm until dark, see map on page 2. Call Milt @ 837-7989. if you can join in this great event.

Lyle Foell thanks all who have signed up to help at the Erie County Fair – August 7-17, 2003. However, please see the attached schedule and you will note, we have no volunteers for the following dates & times

Thur - Aug 7,    2 pm – 6 pm

Fri – Aug 8,  2 pm – 6 pm & 6- 9 pm

Sat – Aug 9,    6 pm -  9 pm

Sun – Aug10,  2 pm - 6pm & 6-9 pm

Tues – Aug 12,    2 pm – 6pm

Thur – Aug 14,    2 pm – 6pm

Sat – Aug 16,  6 pm – 9 pm

We need 2 members minimum at our booth for 3 time periods per day, for a total of 11 days. That’s only sixty-six slots that need occupied. We have 80 members.  Let’s sign up and take the pressure off Lyle.  There will be a large sign-up sheet at the picnic. Please sign up. There are 34 shaded slots that need names. Lyle will give out the free gate pass to all those who are signed up, at the picnic. Lyle also needs items to sell. Tops, stick pens, key chains, fan or light pulls, weed pots or whatever your specialty is. Remember we can’t sell what we don’t have. It’s all for a good cause

The Web-site (WNY Woodturners) name has been rented for the next three years.

Have you surfed the website?  Its great ! ! !


Barb Berger & crew will hold a barn-workshop June 13/14. Cost is $35. Only a few openings.

Jim Shimwell reminds all Christmas is coming and he would appreciate if members start on Toys for UCCP.

Eugen Schlaak said there will be a sale of Brian McIntosh’s items at 20 Whyte Ave, Thorold, Ontario on June 28th.  Call 905-356-1845

Linda van Gehuchen is coming to Pembroke High, 9/20/03 – 9am-4pm. She’s known for candlesticks & angles. Cost $20 call Lance Kanaby @ 634-9400 for tickets.

Show & Tell

Kurt Hertzog – lidded box, twist item Eugen Schlaak – bowls, vases out of burl wood, Victorian hat stands, containers with rings, white birch vase, great bowl Rich Crino – Glued wood peppermills, fruit basket with apples, pear & lemons Omer Roszel –chip & dip set, pepper mill Ron Mostel – glass, goblet, inside/out turned vase. Lyle Foell– small turnings Jim Shimwell – bowl Don Hoffmann – candy jar lids Jim Hillburger – whistles, pulls, toothpick holders Don Almeter salad bowl & tongs Bill Perry - bowl

Special thanks to all who share their work at the meetings.


Jim Vasi, Jim Hilburger, Kurt Hertzog, & Bob Ball shared their knowledge & skill at a lathe with the members present. GREAT!!!!

Next Meeting

Wednesday 4:00 PM till ?

July 2nd,  2003.

“Picnic @ Noco Pavilion”

Come early golf or just hang out.

Don’t forget Thur Aug 7, 2003 is a regular meeting with a

Rich Crino Demo.