Western New York Woodturners Club 1

Newsletter & Minutes of May 03, 2012 Meeting


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room #120

1050 Maryvale Drive

Cheektowaga, New York 14225


37 Regular members present.

The meeting was called to order 1905 hours by Mr. Imerese – President.   


50/50 Club:

The 50/50 club of $24.00 and a MINWAX Hat,  was drawn by Bob Ball and awarded to the very deserving  Joe Mussari between the boos, hisssses, and jeers of some members.   Thank you.  


Treasurer’s Report by: Norm Kosmerl:

The treasurer’s report was given by J. Mussari.  Mr. Kosmerl could not be present.


April 2012 Activity:                                                              


Available balance March 01, 2012                                     $ 3,798.86              

Receipts:         50/50 Club                                                            17.00                  

                        Hats                                                                        36.00                  


Expenses:       None                                                                      00.00      


Balance as of 05/01/12                                                      $ 3,851.86      


Business Items:


Richard Mialki advised us that he received a response from the MINWAX Corporation concerning our application for an award on our service to the organizations we support.  Although we did not receive the award, we did receive a gift of a hat because they thought our club had good direction for community help.  Maybe next time Richard, and thank you so much for taking it upon yourself and applying for our club. I’m sure all of us appreciate it!  


 The Erie County Fair starts August 8th, and runs to August 19th, 2012.  We need members to help with transporting our items to the Fair, working the sales tables, and turning at our exhibit entrance to attract potential customers. There are 140 shift openings that have to be covered during the fair hours, and we can sure use your help. 

Brianne Corbett has posted the 2012 schedule on our webpage for your information and convenience.  Please note: you can not enter or change any information on this webpage, it must be done by contacting Richard Mialki or Bob Ball by phone or e-mail with any information on how you can help.  The webpage will be updated and re-posted at regular intervals as changes or additions are made.  Thank you, Brianne for handling this for us.  You are doing a great job.   


Also, our Club will have it’s webpage information along with photos for those members  holding any offices updated at our next meeting.  


Show and Tell participants included:

The show and tell portion was given by Brianne Corbett,  Jim Vasi, Leon Nowicki, David Day, Frank Becker, Ward Beaton, Mike Gotthelf, Rich Mialki, Allen Dick, Eugen Schlaak, Gary Jones, and Norm Gibbon.  Great items were on display for us.   


Club Demonstration:    

Our Demo, which was on how to make a tool for decorating wood, was done by our Club Photographer Brian Effinger.  He did a great job, and showed us a way to effect real savings

on making a tool rather than purchasing one. The tool he made at this demo will be in a raffle at our next meeting with the proceeds for the benefit of the club.  Thank you Brian for

the great demo and your gift of the tool for our club.  .


We are always looking for members to do demonstrations or give us some ideas for our programs.  If you would like to do a demo for us, have any new ideas, or are just interested in learning something specific, mention it to one of the Vice President’s committee members.  I am sure that they will do their best to produce results.  The committee members are:  Jim Cunning, Paul Wilhelm, and Brian Young.    


Next Meeting/Demo:    

Our next meeting will be at the Maryvale High School Shop on Thursday June 07, 2012 at 1900 hours (7:00 pm.) sharp.  At this time the demo has not yet been scheduled.   


This meeting was concluded at 2105 hours (9:05 pm).   






J. A. Mussari – jmussari01@yahoo.com