Western New York Woodturners Club 1

Newsletter & Minutes of May 05, 2011 Meeting


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room #120

1050 Maryvale Drive

Cheektowaga, New York 14225


44 Members present.

The meeting was called to order at 1900 hours by Jim Vasi, S.A. Imerese was unable to attend.


Treasurer’s Report: By John Paulin*

April  2011                                                                        


Available balance April 01, 2011                                        $3,390. 69             

Deposit                                                                                            23.00                                  


Cash on hand                                                                                  38.00


Balance April 2011                                                                          $3,451.69


* Treasurers report was given by Norm Kosmerl who will be assuming the position of Membership, and Treasurer temporarily in the absence of John Paulin. 


Business Items:

Jim  Rupracht asked for interest in providing a Demo by Glenn Lucas at the Pembroke High School.  A show of hands indicated that quite a few turners would like to attend.  Jim will pursue and obtain more information for the next meeting.        


Mr. Vasi and Richard Mialki again reminded us about the Fair coming up on us quickly again this year, and asked that we all start making plans for our projects for the sale tables.  Please remember, that there is no reimbursement for any articles or materials used for the fair donations.  All materials and “kits” used for the Fair projects are at the expense of the members for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Please look into this as we can use everyone’s help for the Fair.  A volunteer sign up sheet will be available at the June meeting.     


The 50/50 Club paid $29.00 and was awarded to Robert  Fronczek.  


 Show and Tell participants included:

Don Hoffman, Eugene Schlaak, Jim Vasi, Norm Kosmerl. Brianne Corbett, Gary Jones, Jim Rupracht, and David day.  Great looking items.  Thank you all for your participation.        



Club Demonstration:    

Our demo was done by Marwin Feldman on platters and plates. It was very interesting, and he did a great job.  Thank you Marwin.    


We are always looking for members to do demonstrations.  If you would like to do one for us please contact one of the Vice President’s committee members.  Jim Cunning, Paul Wilhelm, or Brian Young.


Next Meeting:    

Our next meeting will be at the Maryvale High School Shop on Thursday June 02, 2011 at 1900 hours (7:00 pm.)  Please remember the new time and parking restriction!  Thank you.


Rick Riemers will do our next demo on lettering and carving.  


The meeting was concluded at 2105 hours. 


Please notify me of any changes in address or phone numbers at the e-mail shown below.  



Respectfully submitted,


J. A. Mussari – jmussari01@yahoo.com