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Western New York Woodturners I

Newsletter- Minutes – May 1, 2008

Members Present  - 40


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room 120

1050 Maryvale Dr., Cheektowaga, N.Y. 14225

Treasure’s Report:  by John Paulin

Expense: Internet name                                           $64.71        Previous Balance                 $2,549.89

                Mailing                                                    $15.00

Income:            50/50                                               $24.00

Dues                                                                       $20.00        New Balance                       $2,514.18

Business Items:   

Please note the School will be closed for renovations this summer so the July and August meetings will be held at the Robert Binner Community Ed Building at 777 Maryvale Drive. 


Rich Mialki informed all that the Fair dates this year are August 6th, thru the 17th.

Our current inventory of items we can sell for “Make-a-Wish” is as follows:


Spinners 100, Stool Samples 225, Yo Yo 24, Jewelry Items 60 Meat Tenderizers 9, Gavel 1, Weed Pots Large size 23, Jump Ropes 75, Kazoos 53, Pull Chains 100, Tooth Pick Holders 50, Candle Holders 22, Wine Stoppers 38, Weed Pots  Smaller size 55, Snappers 12, Wine Bottle Holders  5, Cutting Boards 8, Candle Stick Holders 7, Spaghetti Measurers 6, 1 case of Rockler Bags

NEEDED Mushrooms, Gavels, Laminated Tooth Pick Holders, Bowls Various sizes, Snappers, Cutting Boards, Seam Rippers, Fly Houses, Key Rings, Slim Line Pens


Can you work at the Fair?????  See the attached schedule and call either Rich or Bob.


Steve Imerese is still looking for a member to take the position of vice president responsible for scheduling demo’s.


Do you remember the October storm of 2006? Therese Forton-Barnes does and informed all of a program “Turning Fallen Trees into Works of Art” ie “Carvings for a Cause”.  Some members took wood from fallen trees and will make some turning art items to be donated to this program. The monies donated will be used to re-tree western New York.  Check out the website www.carvingsforacause.com.


ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLES TURNING SOME ITEM?  Call one of the following members who have volunteered to be your mentor. Steve Imerese 688-6132, Jim Hilburger 652-3096, Jim Vasi 632-5381, Bob Ball 741-3693


Show & Tell:  Thanks for sharing, Rich Mialki, Richard Crowe, David Laubisch, Paul Mazuchowski, Jake Debski,  Don Hoffmann,, Bob Ball, Jim Vasi, Eugen Schlaak, Gene Renzoni, Dan Mohr, & Frank Stanko.    Thanks Again.


Demo:  Thanks to Jim Hilburger for an excellent lesson on things you can make at the fair. THANKS AGAIN JIM.


Next Meeting:             Thursday June 5th, 2008

                               Rich Mialki will demo items to turn at the fair.

                                                                                                                                     Respectively, Ron Karaszewski, &  Dick Radel