Text Box:    WNY Woodturners
   Newsletter   minutes – May 1, 2003,  attendees – 44
       Maryvale HS Woodshop Room #120:  1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, NY

Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance           1,637.64

Income, Dues                   60.00

Hat Sales (4)                     34.00

Expenses, box hats             99.00

New Balance               1,632.64

Thank You  -  John Paulin


Jim Vasi welcomed new members Al Schultz & Richard Malki

Jim had a minute of silence for Brian McIntosh who passed away at 49 years old. For those who did not know him, take a look at his work in the “members gallery”, great stuff. Barb Berger stated Brian and her started the “Barbs Barn” hands on sessions. Brian shared his knowledge and was the core of the barn experience.

Jim also noted Bernie Boldt,  passed away recently at 85 years old.

Jim Vasi welcomed back Lyle Foell. He thanked all who sent him good health wishes and then agreed to be the lead man for the Erie County Fair demo & sale. Lyle & the club need items made by members that will sell for about $5 as in years past. Please start your turnings now so you can give them to Lyle before August 7th. See page 2 for the sign up time slots to either turn or sell. Thanks turner’s.

Milt Ehrenberg reported plans for the July 2nd, picnic are going well. He went thru the membership list and marked down those who said they will be there. Cost is $3/person, $5/couple, or $10/family. Call Milt @ 837-7989. if you can join in this great event.

Rockler will be holding an appreciation sale May 31st, and are looking for turners to show activity that day, from 10 am to 4 pm.

On June 6th, 7 pm to 11 pm there will be a “Mash Bash” at the Red Cross headquarters on Delaware. Cost is $40.77/person or $100 for two tickets plus a chance for the $10,000 raffle prize. Food, drinks, & live music is included. Contact person is Norman Murray @ 833-9366. Any turned objects would be accepted for the auction with proceeds to the Red Cross.

A hard copy of this Newsletter will be mailed to all members and will include our 2003 membership list. Please check your information and report any changes to Dick Radel @ 634-4292.

Have you surfed the website?  Its great ! ! !


Show & Tell

Kurt Hertzog shared a variety of pens from the Yahoo Pen Turners Group.

Ken Miller explained his procedure to make a mini cowboy hat.

Bob Ball showed his cherry mini cowboy hat.

Jim Vasi showed his broken hat, some bowels & glasses

Frank Stanko displayed spindle turning candle sticks & explained details of making first class half moon shelf with half turning wall mount. Lacquer finish.

Marwin Feldman – toothpick holders, Jarrah bowel, carved platter.

Don Hoffmann flower vases

Special thanks to all who share their work at the meetings.


Bob Warhaus from the Rockler Store gave a great talk & demo on gluing techniques. You should choose your wood, finish, hardware, & glue before you start a project. He explained the different types of glue and their uses. He showed clamping techniques and explained too loose is bad and too tight is bad. Strongly suggests using scrap pieces to test glue your joints. Different glues have different uses and set times. Thanks Bob. Questions? Ask at store.

Next Meeting

Thursday 7:30 PM

June 5th,  2003.

“Basic Woodturning” techniques for newcomers and old timers. This is a hands-on the lathe’s meeting.