Western New York Woodturners Club 1

Newsletter & Minutes of March 3, 2011 Meeting


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room #120

1050 Maryvale Drive

Cheektowaga, New York 14225


39 Members present.

The meeting was called to order at 1900 hours by S.A. Imerese – President.


Treasurer’s Report: By John Paulin

February 2011                                                                

Previous balance        $3,428.32                                        


50/50 Club    25.00

Dues              260.00                                                            



AAW Dues                      (-336.00)

New balance                $3,377.32                                        


Business Items:

The club had two new members present: Greg Wodruff, and James Corlis.  Welcome aboard gentlemen and we hope you enjoy your membership!     


R. Crino, one of our former members, passed away recently and Steve Imerese sent a card around to be signed by the members.  Our sympathy goes out to his family.


Richard Mialki reminded us that the Erie County Fair is approaching and asked that we start making plans on what to turn and make for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  All members are encouraged to participate and produce items to sell at the tables.  We are looking for  another  successful  year, and need everyone’s help. .


Brianne Corbett advised that there were a few problems working on the new web page, but was confident that all the issues would be resolved.  The new page will have a map to the Maryvale School meeting location for new members information.


There was an in depth conversation on our demonstration portions of the meetings, and if   club members should be paid to demonstrate their different techniques.  After the discussion a vote was taken and it was decided by the majority of members present that no remuneration would be given to members doing the demo.  However, should any special circumstances develop where in certain instances an outside participant  be requested to give a demo for which there would be a charge to the club, it would have to be brought up and voted upon by the membership at a meeting before contracting the expense.  This also would apply to any special conditions where additional material or equipment is needed by a member or outside demonstrator.    


 Show and Tell participants included:

I was not present to record the names of the show and tell participants, but the notes given to me indicated that there was “lots of good stuff”.   Thanks for bringing in your items for us to see.    


Club Demonstration:    

Our demo was done by Eugene Schlaak on turning an egg form with a skew.  He did a great job and it was informative.  Thanks Eugene. 


We are always looking for members to do demonstrations.  If you would like to do one for us please contact one of the Vice President committee members. 


Next Meeting:    

Our next meeting will be at the Maryvale High School Shop on Thursday April 7, 2011 at 1900 hours (7:00 pm.)  Please remember the new time and parking restriction!  Thank you.


Please notify me of any changes in address or phone numbers at the e-mail shown below.   



Respectfully submitted,


J. A. Mussari – jmussari01@yahoo.com