Western New York Woodturners I

Newsletter- Minutes  - Feb 3, 2005

Members Present  -  33


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room 120

1050 Maryvale Dr., Cheektowaga, N.Y. 14225

Treasurer’s Report:  by John Paulin

Income:            Dues                                          $310.00           Previous Balance                 $2,067.97

                        Insurance Refund                          $20.00          

                        50/50                                            $19.00

Expenses:         AAW Dues                                $240.00

                        Lathe belt                                     $18.16           New Balance                       $2,158.81

Business Items:    Jim Vasi opened meeting stating there are 12 members who have not paid their 2005 dues. Marwin Feldman has send out letters requesting payment.  Marwin will send out letters to the eight people on the waiting list to establish the 80 paid membership for 2005.

Eugen Schlaak said he has a number of slides to make into a power point presentation for a meeting if he could get a camera, computer and person knowledgeable to put it together. Any volunteers??

Jim Vasi discussed the “Mentoring Program” to help and advise about turning.  To date the volunteers are, Jim Hilburger – Southtowns, Steve Imerese – Amherst, and Jim Vasi – Williamsville. We would like to add to this list. How about some other members signing up!!!

Our club and the other Woodturning clubs in the area are looking for demonstrators for their meetings. Do you have something you could share??  Contact Jim Hilburger or Jim Vasi regarding your idea.

Ed Jolls of Rockler donated twelve $10 certificates to the club for future use. After discussion it was agreed to make Ed Jolls an “Honorary Member” of the club.  Milt Ehrenberg will make up and send a certificate.

Ray Bissonette discussed the Aspire Art Show that is held in October. If members would like to make items that could be sold at the show or if members would partially make items that Aspire youth or adults could finish, he would be grateful. Contact Ray at 839-3716 or Jim Shimwell at 875-9654 for more details.

Ray Bissonette also discussed the events of 18 years ago when two priests, one was his brother, were killed in the inner city.  On February 27th, there will be a first ever fund raiser to help fund the programs these priests started.  Call Ray at 839-3716 for more details and how you can help.

Frank Wroblewski has changed jobs and will not be a dues paying member.  However the club will keep his name on the e-mail notification list due to his frequent donations of wood to the club.

Coming Events:  Bowl turning by Jim Vasi at Barbs Barn on March 19th, bring bowl blank and tools. Call Jim at 632-5381 for your reservation.  Demo by British turner Jimmy Clewes at the Pembroke High School, Saturday April 30th.Hertzog at 585-359-2235 for tickets and details.

Show & Tell:   Jim Schnellinger – bud vases & square plate, Jim Vasi – two bowls, Dave Korn – square plate, Eric Scott – Fluted turning, Steve Imerese – artistic bowl with lid, Rich Malki – tool handles, Eugen Schlaak – cherry salad bowl, white oak burl bowl, box elder bowl, oak flat bowl, maple bowl, silver maple bleached vase, top spinning game, swiss drinking cup, and a discussion on “clear Danish oil finishing”. Frank Stanko – box elder items, lidded vessels, bleached pieces, wine glasses, and a discussion on bleaching.  Thanks to all !!!

Demo:   Kurt Hertzog brought a lot of his tools and lathe parts from his shop and thoroughly discussed and demonstrated how you “support your work and drive your work”. He showed how you can make items to jam chuck your work, glue pieces, tape pieces and use your imagination to create your own connections.  Thanks Kurt.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, March 3rd, 2005, 7:30 pm

Jim Schnellinger demonstration subject is “Corian Pens

Western New York Woodturners I

Newsletter- Minutes  - Feb 3, 2005

Members Present  -  33


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room 120

1050 Maryvale Dr., Cheektowaga, N.Y. 14225

Page 2:

Do you have questions about wood?  Contact Forest Products Laboratory at One Gifford Pinochot Drive, Madison, WI, 53726.  Their e-mail is http://www.fpl.fs.fed.us .  Their telephone is 608-231-9200,  and their fax is 608-231-9592.


A recent inquiry was as follows:

I love to use spalted wood for turning bowls, but it isn’t always easy to find.  Is there any way to produce spalted wood on my own?


The decorative, colorful appearance of spalted wood is caused by certain white-rot decay fungi. The biology and taxonomy of many decay fungi are well known, but the art of creating spalted wood is still developing.

Following are some factors to take into consideration when attempting to produce spalted wood.  Use this information to develop your own techniques, and be sure to take careful notes so that any successful methods can be duplicated.

Temperature: Wood decay slows as the temperature cools.  Below 50 degrees F, the decay process is very slow.  As temperatures drop further, fungi lay dormant.

Moisture:  The moisture content of wood must be about 30% for decay, and thus spalting, to occur.  Freshly cut wood has a moisture content of about 40%, so preventing the wood from drying out is all that is needed,  For example, it could be kept in a plastic bag.  Wood that is not freshly cut needs to be moistened by rain or kept in contact with wet soil.  Wood can be too wet for some types of decay, so avoid soaking the wood.

Food: Decay fungi eat wood but can be “fed” to increase growth.  Sugar is an ideal food, but very high levels can be toxic to fungi.  Also, encouraging the wrong type of fungal growth is a risk.

Time:  Be patient.  It can take months or even years for spalting to occur.  However, if wood is lef to decay for too long, it may become too deteriorated to use.

For more information, please visit our website at www.fpl.fs.fed.us .

The above is courtesy Frank Stanko’s “NewsLine” published quarterly by the USDA Forest Service.