Text Box:    WNY Woodturners
   Newsletter   minutes – February 6, 2003,  attendees - 43
       Maryvale HS Woodshop Room #120:  1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, NY

Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance           1,190.34

Income, dues                  620.00

Expenses, Park deposit       50.00

   AAW membership        280.00

New Balance               1,480.34

Checking Acc’t             1,438.29

Cash                                 42.05

Thank You  -  John Paulin


John Paulin reported 6 members have not paid dues, 13 people are on the waiting list. It was agreed, first people to pay dues are in the club for the 2003 year. Marvin Feldman will send out letters and update roster. The club has voted to make the following -

Honorary Members: Ed Jolls, Elmer Baumer, Dave Elberson

Jim Vasi expressed concern for members who have had recent health problems. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the following: Elmer Baumer, Harry Vogel, & Lyle Foell.

Jim Vasi thanked all who worked and/or were at the Woodworkers Show at the Clarence Event Center. The club sold $572 worth of items made by members and Jim will hand carry a check to Make-A-Wish Foundation. Marvin Feldman won 1st, & 3rd, prize at the show, and Jim Vasi won 2nd, for there entries.

Jim led a discussion on Local Chapter Insurance and the insurance available to AAW members. Please read page 2 of this newsletter for details.

Monday, March 3rd, 6:30 pm, Peter Gill & Clive Brooks of Sorby Tools will demonstrate, special turning tools at the Pembroke High School, Rt. 77 & Rt. 5 in Corfu. For more information view “Coming Events on our website or contact Lance Kanaby at 634-9400.

Turner’s II will host a demo & workshop by Johannes Michelsen the cowboy hat turner. Saturday, April 5th, demo at Charles Lindbergh Elementary School in Kenmore, $25 per ticket, workshop at Barb’s barn Sunday and Monday , April 6th, & 7th,$75 per ticket. For more information view “Coming Events on our website or contact Barb Berger at 652-4156

Newsletter is now available on the website. If you do not want a hard copy mailed to you , PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO webmaster@wnywoodturners.com

Kurt requests photos and other information for web site. Spend some time and surf our site, it’s great! More classified there.

Show & Tell

Eugene Schiaak – hand carved bowls, cherry bowls & root vase.

Jim Mier – Vase & bowls

Omar Raszel – Goblet & gifts

Mary Robbins – Candle holders & Match boxes.

Jim Shimwell – Inside/out turning

Debbis Hachey – Weed pot & cherry bowl

Marwin Feldman – 9 bowls & vertical dish weed pot.

Bill Allen – Inside/out turning

Ray Bissonette – lots of items for sale at Clarence Event.


Rob Pelc from Advantage Trim & Lumber, 9 Carter St, Buffalo, N.Y. 14220, 827-3915, shared his knowledge of exotic woods. Rob showed lots of samples  and told stories of his trips to obtain wood for import. He invited all members to his warehouse/shop and offered 10% off when you show your membership card. Rob raffled off some pieces to members.

Thanks Rob.


Sears Lathe, bench type, 9”x36”, 1/2hp, 3 jaw chuck, $90 or B/O Jim Vasi 632-5381

2” dia Beveled mirrors – 10 ea/pack, $14 per pack, Frank Stanko 633-8455

Next Meeting

Thursday 7:30 PM

March 6th, 2003.

Nora Drogi from Rockler will talk on Selecting a finish.

What is the coverage of the AAW insurance?

Mary Lacer wrote in the American Woodturner Spring 1999 edition:

"The AAW has again this year purchased a liability insurance policy covering AAW members of AAW chapters. Here is an explanation of our policy coverage.

This is definitely not an accident and injury policy for anyone hurt at a meeting. This is for third party liability protection-meaning, claims made against an AAW member by individuals or businesses that are not members of the AAW and your club. One insurance agent explained it to me this way; it is like the liability protection that your homeowner's policy offers. If a member of your own household falls in the yard and breaks an ankle, they cannot make a claim against you for medical costs under your homeowner's liability coverage (in the case you would turn to a personal health/accident policy). However, if a neighbor was injured on your property then you should be protected under the 'third party liability' terms of your homeowner's policy, if the neighbor made a claim against you. The AAW coverage does not protect AAW members from claims made by fellow AAW members (or even from themselves!) in your club, but is insurance coverage for AAW members at AAW chapter sponsored activities, for claims made by a visitor, a passerby, or someone watching a demonstration. We do not have a tremendous amount of coverage, only two million dollars. We also do not have a record of claims or suits, which means so far, we can afford the premiums.

We know this is limited coverage, but it does meet several legitimate needs. First, some chapters were required to have a certificate of liability insurance to even conduct a meeting at some locations. More and more chapters are doing public demonstrations. This policy meets the criteria where insurance is a requirement to demonstrate. But most importantly, if a third party was injured or their property damaged, we do have an avenue to file a claim which would cover AAW members of your club from some or all of their personal liability exposure up to two million dollars.

The liability insurance covers only local chapter activities. It will not cover members giving turning instruction in their own shops"