Western New York Woodturners Club 1

Newsletter & Minutes of January 3, 2013



Maryvale High School Wood Shop Room #120

1050 Maryvale Drive

Cheektowaga, New York 14225



31 Regular members present at the start of the meeting.

The meeting was called to order 1910 hours by Steve Imerese.


50/50 Club:

The 50/50 club of $20.00 was drawn and awarded to a very much deserving Joseph Mussari, who accepted the money graciously after having the winning ticket fully inspected and verified by our Treasurer Norm Kosmerl.  A muffled thank you could be heard even though there were many pointed remarks, boos,  and jeers from the crowd present.      


Treasurer’s Report by: Norm Kosmerl:

December 2012 Activity:                                                     


Available balance November 01, 2012                               $3,984.08              

Receipts:         Dues                                                                     330.00                  

                        50/50 Club                                                            28.00      

                        Sale of wood                                                         36.00      


Expenses:       Refreshments (Vasi)                                          167.00      

                        Postage/office supply (Mussari)                        49.34

                        Refreshments beverages (Imerese)                   12.67      


Balance as of 01/01/13                                                       $4,149.07


Business Items:

AT the start of the meeting we had two guests from the Aspire Center For Learning, they were Mr. Michael Holley, School Principal, and Ms. Sarah Maciejewski, School Program Supervisor.  They thanked us for our efforts in producing the Christmas Party for the children and presented Steve Imerese with a group photo of our members who were present.  Ms. Maciejewski explained that this party is the “kick off” of their Holiday Season and how important it is to the students.  Mr. Holley also advised that the school is temporarily moving to another location for one year while the present school is being remodeled and upgraded.  Next years party will probably be in a different location.  You will be advised as things progress. 



Gene Renzoni, Aspire Coordinator, thanked all of the Woodturners members from each club for their contributions of toy items and help  which made the Aspire party a tremendous success.  He also thanked  Mr. John Raynor, Mr. & Mrs. Becker, Ms. Denise Mussari with the  S.E.F.C.U. Foundation for their contributions and efforts for this function.  


That being said,  I think this would be a good time to express our thanks to  Mr. Renzoni for all his hard work in the coordination of this party with the Aspire Center.  Great job Gene, and thank you for stepping up for this!  


Also, we all thank the “Harmonicoots’’, Carm Queeno, Bob Toth, Don Fogle, and Al Durow  for volunteering and providing the great entertainment for us and the children.  I am sure we are all looking forward to next year.


2013 Dues are payable to our Treasurer Mr. Kosmerl by January 01, 2013.  The fee is $20.00 per year for regular members.  We still have 35 members who have not forwarded payment for the 2013 dues.  Please keep your dues up to date.


Jim Vasi reported that Ed Jolls from Rocklers Store on Transit Road is having a Demo sponsored by Sorby on Tuesday January 29th, Detailed information is available at the store.


Election of Club officers took place and here are the results for the 2013 term.  We need people to come forward for some of these positions.  Especially the Vice Presidents position

Which has not been filled for several years.


President                    Richard Mialki

Temporary VP           Steve Imerese*

Treasurer                  Norm Kosmerl

Secretary                    Joseph Mussari

Media/Librarian       Robert Ball

Brian Effinger                        Club Photographer

Brianne Corbett        Webmaster



* Mr. Imerese has made himself available temporarily for a short period of time to fill in for the Vice Presidents position.  If anyone is interested in this position which is responsible for setting up the Demos along with some other related duties for the club,  please contact Mr. Mialki.


Show and Tell participants included:

The show and tell portion was given by:  Brianne Corbett, Mike Gotthelf, Richard Mialki,  Jim Rupracht, Jim Schnellinger, Ward Beaton,  and Mike Hachey.  Thank you all, great pieces were displayed for the members!   




Club Demonstration:    

The Club demo was given by Mike Hachey on looking glass type hand held mirrors.  It was a great demo and very informative. Thank you Mike and Debbie for a good job well done.


We are always looking for members to do demonstrations or give us some ideas for our programs.  If you would like to do a demo for us, have any new ideas, or are just interested in learning something specific, mention it to Steve Imerese.


Next Meeting/Demo:    

Our next meeting will be at the Maryvale High School Shop on Thursday February 7, 2013  at 1900 hours (7:00 pm.) sharp.  There is not a demo scheduled as of the time of this writing.




J. A. Mussari – jmussari01@yahoo.com