Text Box:    WNY Woodturners
   Newsletter   minutes – January 2, 2002,  attendees - 39
       Maryvale HS Woodshop Room #120:  1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, NY

Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance             633.34

Income, dues                  340.00

  WT #2 Insurance           217.00

Expenses,                            0.00

New Balance               1,190.34

Checking Acc’t             1,148.29

Cash                                 42.05

Thank You  -  John Paulin


Jim Vasi expressed concern for members who have had recent health problems. Elmer Baumer remains at Brothers of Mercy and continues to fail. Harry Vogel was in the hospital with a collapsed lung but is home now. On a bright note it was good to see John Lunney at the meeting. John is dividing his time between just east of the rockies and the Thousand Island area. Good luck John.

Jim Shimwell reported the club donated 222 toys to UCP. In addition the teachers there really appreciated the aids that were also made by the club members. There were 80 students in the 1st group and 28 in the second, when the toys were distributed. Jim thanked all who made toys and those who helped distribute. .Ray Bissonette stated the Board of UCP really appreciates our efforts.

Dues are due, $20 per member. Please mail your check to John Paulin, 1687 Stafford Rd., Forestville, N.Y. 14062.

Barb Berger and Kurt Hertzog  ran a class on how to make lidded boxes on December 8th, 12 members of the combined clubs attended and had a great time. See photos of what was done on the web site – wnywoodturners.com.

Jim Vasi passed around the sign-up sheet for the Woodworkers Show at the Clarence Event Center, Friday January 31st, Saturday February 1st, & Sunday February 2nd, 2003. Clair Bluhm will give Jim a hand moving the lathe’s to and from the show. Thanks Clair. If you could turn, work the table or loan us your work for display, please contact Jim Vasi at 632-5381.

Jim Vasi also reported that he was extremely disappointed that the Make-a-Wish newsletter did not recognize our recent contribution of $3,800. After discussion, Jim will write a letter expressing our concern and disappointment.

Milt Enrenberg confirmed he has reserved the Nocco Pavilion for our July 2nd, Picnic. Spouse’s and/or significant other’s are invited for a great time. Rich Crino will demo “How to make turned Bird Feeders” at the August 7th, meeting.

Newsletter is now available on the website. If you do not want a hard copy mailed to you , PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO webmaster@wnywoodturners.com

Kurt requests photos and other information for web site. Spend some time and surf our site, it’s great!

Show & Tell

Eugene Schiaak – key rings for wedding table gifts, candle snuffers, whisk brooms.

Marwin Feldman – unbelievable highly finished curly maple plate.

Jim Vasi – box-elder bowl

Kurt Hertzog – goblets, lidded boxes, one with turquoise inlay, maple base for Galileo thermometer.

John Paulin – Salt & Pepper shakers.


Reverse turning. Great job Ron Mostel & Jim Hilburger. They took 4 blanks, taped them together, turned a half moon shape, cut the tape, the turned half moon was rotated to the inside of the four newly glued/taped pieces. After turning the new outer edges of the blanks a vase was created. WOW! Check out our website for photos.


 For additional photos www.woodturnedart.vcn.com

Next Meeting

Thursday 7:30 PM

February 6th, 2003.

Rob Pelc from Advantage Lumber will share his knowledge of exotic woods.